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Artist ebook
Artist book soft-cover print-on-demand book, 5.25 x 8.25 inches [13.335 x 20.955 cm], 2018

A questionnaire guides the reader to the best composting system. Each composting system includes a list of materials and space requirements, how-tos, best practices and troubleshooting.

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Meta-Japanese Sewn Books

Handmade artist books, 5.5 x 8 inches [13 x 20 cm] 2018

Three books made of instructions to make traditional Japanese sewn books, sewn in three traditional Japanese styles.


Exploring The Dangerous Trades

Dr.  Alice Hamilton
Artist ebook, 306 pages with photographs by DHP Daedalus, 2017

The autobiography by the pioneer of occupational medicine that covers many of the most important historical events of the first half of the 20th Century, told in stunning clarity and resounding prose. This work is historically relevant to ecologists, activist, historians, chemists, biologist and anyone looking back into American history. The themes are relevant today and elucidate the ongoing struggles of our societal balance between work and living. This edition has been masterfully re-created for iPad and iBooks and includes never before seen photographs by artist Don Hải Phú Daedalus.


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Illinois River Project

artist booklet, 8 pages, 5.5 x 11 inches, 2015. Edition of 500


Collages and text regarding stage 1 of the Illinois River Project, the reproducible vehicle and history of the invasive fish.

$5. To Purchase contact the Artist



Doppler Shifts

8 x 10 inches, 308 page book (ISBN 978-1-300-43228-9), 2014.
Each copy comes signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity and letter of provenance.

Doppler Shifts documents the 2012 eponymous project in New York City. Over the course of three nights, "Doppler Shift" was comprised of almost 4 hours of video projections that were cast on buildings across the Manhattan Grid, creating an unexpected encounter with art.

Edition of 100.  $75 hard cover.
To purchase please contact the artist


Artist ebook, 116 pages, 2013

Prompted by the overhaul of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in January 2012, this part-diary, part-customer-service-chat-transcript is now on sale. Hacked from, design for the iPhone and now sold through Apple's distribution network, this book chronicles one year of using the jailbroken device outside of the delegated telecommunication networks. As an incomplete history of the communities that exist in online forums and illegal software sharing, this sarcastic and frustrated book is a gesture of solidarity to anyone who has ever placed on hold.

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Story of the Malakand Field Force

Winston Churchill, 1898
Artist ePub, 268 pages with historic photographs and maps. 2016

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Waging on Aging Centurions

734 pages of text and photography, 2014

reated from five case studies in New York, Atlantic City, and Miami Beach, this work poses new questions of how power, capital and human resources move through the urban environment through the use of photographs of urban constructions merged with discursive essays. These five photoessays challenge traditional methods of book navigation while problematizing the relationship of text to image toward new understandings of representation and power.

$6.99 Available in the iBookstore

Buy only High Line chapter pdf ($1.00) 


84 page artist flip book, perfect bound, black and white, 6 x 9 inches, perfect binding, cream interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), 2011,

The book is comprised of four systems of interpretation of how stimulus is differentiated from other stimuli. These systems are shown via flipping the pages of the book.

This book accompanies the performance, "Doppelgänger Effect," 2011. New York, New York.

$15.49 Available in Amazon

‘ Gravitation’ On The Electromagnetic Spectrum  Artist book of diagrams, schematics and visualizations inspired by Gravitation, by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler, using infrared-ink to complete the drawings, 8 x 10 inches, 100 pages, 2015

‘Gravitation’ On The Electromagnetic Spectrum

2016, artist book, hand-drawn diagram inspired by the illustrations and diagrams of “Gravitation” (Misner, Thorne, Wheeler), specifically those pertaining to black holes. Drawings are completed with UV and IR ink, requiring a light & lens filter to view. 

Edition of 100. 

$15. To  purchase, contact the artist.

Tracing The Path Of A Ray Of Light

136 pages, electronic artist book for computer / iPad, 134 pages, (ISBN 978-1-105-83991-7), 2012.

Tracing The Path Of A Ray Of Light combines the digital photographic images of two books, Computer Images (Time Life, 1991) and General Electric’s Filmamatic Processor (1975) service manual. The former recounts formative technologies of computer images, while the latter pertains to an apparatus that develops traditional x-ray film stock. The digital photographs of the two books are merged via digital opacity filters that simulate the material nature of physical, printed images. 

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As part of bookEnd I digitally produced several books from the Kelmscott Press of William Morris. Titles include News from NowhereSidonia The SorceressAtalanta in Calydon,  and The Story of the Glittering Plain. These digital editions use the original page designs of Morris' printed versions--with high resolution detail--and the original font that was painstakingly researched in the collection of the Morgan Library in New York. Read them how the authors and publishers intended them to be seen.

If you've never had the opportunity to read these stories before, they will certainly not disappoint.

Each work is a landmark in genre and expertise. Morris was known for introducing the first Socialist fictions stories that changed the world of English Literature. Charles Swineburne was nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature four years in a row.

News from Nowhere or An Epoch Of Rest, Being some Chapters from A Utopian Romance
by William Morris
96 pages, August 2014

Returning from a Socialist League meeting, William Guest falls asleep and awakes in a utopia where there is no money, class, or work.

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Atalanta in Calydon
by Charles Swineburne
122 pages, August 2014

Atalanta accompanies a group of hunters to kill a wild boar sent by Artemis.


$0.99 Available in the iBookstore

The Story of the Glittering Plain Which has Also been Called the Land of Living Man or the Acre of the Undying
by William Morris
179 pages, August 2014

Hallblithe sets off to rescue his fiancée who has been kidnapped by pirates.


$0.99 Available in the iBookstore


Sidonia The Sorceress, The Supposed Destroyer of the Whole Reigning Ducal, Vol. 1 & 2
by Wilhelm Meinhold
890 pages, August 2014

The story of a Pomeranian noblewoman who was tried and executed for witchcraft. This English translation was published by William Morris in his Kelmscott Press in 1894, now digitally produced as part of “bookEnd” by Donald Daedalus for the Center for Book Arts, 2014


$0.99 Available in the iBookstore



Artist ebook, 585 pages, 2014

Within the installation of bookEnd are book endings of iconic incomplete works by authors of the physical books that are included in the installation.

Within the iPad in the installation is a digital book the history of printed books, archival structures and practices, a history of artists' book and the Center for Book Arts, as well as digital artworks. 

$5.85 Available in the iBookstore

A Reply to Mr. Mephisto,”
Artist short story, part 5 of 10, 2 pages,  2014

A timely conclusion to Kurt Vonnegut’s “Armageddon In Retrospect.”


$0.99 Available in the iBookstore

A Final Summary,
Artist short story, part 7 of 10, 5 pages,  2014

Inspired by the final short story, “A Summing Up” this rendition merges the melancholic experience of Clarissa Dalloway walking through her garden during a party with the final suicide note Woolf wrote to Leonard. The font for the text is drawn from Hogarth Press’ use of Caslon No 471 and images are inspired from the English garden tradition.


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The Climax of Kubla Khan,
Artist poem, part 6 of 10, 3 pages,  2014

 A conclusion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s erotic poem, “Kubla Khan.” Images inspired by the original text are collaged into the table of contents.


$0.99 Available in the iBookstore