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As part of bookEnd I digitally produced several books from the Kelmscott Press of William Morris. Titles include News from NowhereSidonia The SorceressAtalanta in Calydon,  and The Story of the Glittering Plain. These digital editions use the original page designs of Morris' printed versions--with high resolution detail--and the original font that was painstakingly researched in the collection of the Morgan Library in New York. Read them how the authors and publishers intended them to be seen.

If you've never had the opportunity to read these stories before, they will certainly not disappoint.

Each work is a landmark in genre and expertise. Morris was known for introducing the first Socialist fictions stories that changed the world of English Literature. Charles Swineburne was nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature four years in a row.


News from Nowhere or An Epoch Of Rest, Being some Chapters from A Utopian Romance

by William Morris
96 pages, August 2014

Returning from a Socialist League meeting, William Guest falls asleep and awakes in a utopia where there is no money, class, or work.

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The Story of the Glittering Plain Which has Also been Called the Land of Living Man or the Acre of the Undying

by William Morris
179 pages, August 2014

Hallblithe sets off to rescue his fiancée who has been kidnapped by pirates.


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Atalanta in Calydon

by Charles Swineburne
122 pages, August 2014

Atalanta accompanies a group of hunters to kill a wild boar sent by Artemis.


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Sidonia The Sorceress, The Supposed Destroyer of the Whole Reigning Ducal, Vol. 1 & 2
by Wilhelm Meinhold
890 pages, August 2014

The story of a Pomeranian noblewoman who was tried and executed for witchcraft. This English translation was published by William Morris in his Kelmscott Press in 1894, now digitally produced as part of “bookEnd” by Donald Daedalus for the Center for Book Arts, 2014


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Within the iPad library of the sculpture bookEnd are digital works that build upon the physical themes in the work. The eponymous digital book, bookEnd, attempts an encyclopedic perspectives of the history and demise of the codex as a structure for housing and presenting information. It includes the origins of the printing press, instructions on how to bind a codex by hand, and the organizational system of the Center for Book Art’s digital archive. The digital images in the book complement the physical images of the cradle book in which the iPad sits.

Each physical book that is included in the sculpture are books that were famously unfinished at the time of the authors’ death; within the iPad are digital endings to these works.

Artist ebook, 585 pages, 2014


Within the installation of bookEnd are book endings of iconic incomplete works by authors of the physical books that are included in the installation.

Within the iPad in the installation is a digital book the history of printed books, archival structures and practices, a history of artists' book and the Center for Book Arts, as well as digital artworks. 

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Artist short story, part 5 of 10, 2 pages,  2014

A Reply to Mr. Mephisto,”

A timely conclusion to Kurt Vonnegut’s “Armageddon In Retrospect.”


 Apple Books Edition

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Artist poem, part 6 of 10, 3 pages,  2014

The Climax of Kubla Khan,

A conclusion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s erotic poem, “Kubla Khan.” Images inspired by the original text are collaged into the table of contents.


Apple Books Edition

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Artist short story, part 7 of 10, 5 pages,  2014

A Final Summary,

Inspired by the final short story, “A Summing Up” this rendition merges the melancholic experience of Clarissa Dalloway walking through her garden during a party with the final suicide note Woolf wrote to Leonard. The font for the text is drawn from Hogarth Press’ use of Caslon No 471 and images are inspired from the English garden tradition.

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