Doppelgänger Effect (Efecto del doppelganger)


Documentation of Doppelgänger Effect
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Broadcast/recording performance, Manhattan Grid, 4 days, 34 miles, 2011

Over four days, at four different times, I traversed the Manhattan Grid from 1st Street at Avenue D to 155th Street at 12th Avenue, broadcasting audio as I went. The chosen form of transportation was a tandem bicycle that I had altered by adding one forward- and one rear-oriented megaphone as well as substituting the second seat for a camera. The camera was mounted with a parabolic mirror lens that captured the entire journey in complete panorama. A stereo recorder was also capturing the echoes and urban noise of the traversal. 


Vista y Sonido

Durante tres noches viejé  sobré el Gran Retículo del Manhattan. Usé un bicicleta tándem aumentado con dos alta voces y una cámara. Por los alta voces toqué unas pistas de leídos de neurociencia y literatura. Y, porque estuve moviéndose y quise mantener la claridad del las historias en cada alta voz, cambié la rapidez del las pistas, la del frente más lento y la detrás mas rápido, para ajuntar la frecuencias con el trayectoria de mi bicicleta.

Las pistas consiste de un leído de un experimento neurológica que contó la historia de una paciente con epilepsia cuyo trato de electricidad de su cortexo de temporoparieta causa el sentimiento de la presencia de una otra persona cercana. El experimento sugiere que el origin de los doppelgangers están ubicado en un parte del mente, y, por eso, es posible trata enfermedades, por ejemplo esquizofrenia.

Bottle Vox (La voz de la botella)


Documentation of Bottle Vox

Performance with installation including multitrack audio, writing, Berlin, Germany, 2012

The first radio station in Berlin broadcast from voxstraße in 1928, employing a marble-carved microphone built by Eugene Reisz and George Neumann, who later developed the condenser microphone and bottle microphone. The conjunction of Germany's beer brewing and recycling efforts results, in certain neighborhoods, in the proliferation of empty bottles along sidewalks. The bottles are left to be collected, recycled and money gained, ostensibly by a person or persons who units of time/cost are measured by the distance between bottles, rather than the consumption of the volume within the bottle.

The stonework of the streets and sidewalks suggest a history of expanding, using and reusing, allocating and signaling the movement of people throughout the city. Cobblestones lie next to brick lanes bordered in cement; the asphalt outlined by a strip of stone that dams an area of square granite. A subtle effect is the sound a step might make or not make. It may inform the type of shoes one decides to wear, or the method of transportation and by extension quantification of distance. It may affect the drainage of rain in this often gray city, and the reception of green grass or gray sand. There is a primacy to this surface level in Berlin, as the limited building height and flatness of the terrain gives a sprawling characteristic that compounds a sense of spatial openness at a single location and an endless suburban expanse in non-locations

Audio recording of notes walking from site of exhibition to the Vox Straße, where the first German Radio was broadcast. The sound of bottles collected during the walk was captured via a Neumann microphone, the inventor of German audio microphones.

This work was made with support from Sound Development City; audio read by Maria Guggenbichler


Performance con instalación de audio, Wye, Berlina, Alemania, 2012

The Digitization Of Information & Its Physical Components
(La digitalización de la información
y su componentes físicos)


 physical components

physical components

Mac mini with hard drive backup, solar panel, uninterrupted power supply, back up software, checksum software and web cam recording from within a climate-controlled vitrine, overlooking a separate vitrine in which Madagascar cockroaches consume 19th Century book, Rollo’s Travels, bound in calf skin with matzo casing, over the course of the exhibition. The resulting 72-days time lapse images captures the disintegration of the book. Video plays 23 minutes, 2014

The project materializes the process of converting information from physical to digital formats, as well as the barriers and considerations (both physical and digital) in maintaining integrity of this information as an archive. 


Mac mini ordenador con disco duro, panel solar, sistema de alimentación ininterrumpida, software de copia de seguridad, suma de verificación y cámara web grabando desde dentro de una vitrina de control climático pasivo, dirigida a otra vitrina con cucarachas, un libro del siglo 19, se llama Los Viajes de Rollo, encaudernado de piel de ternero y matzo cracker durante la exposición. La película grabado durante 72 días muestra la deshaciendo del libro en 23 minutos, 2014

Este proyecto muestra el proceso de cambiar información desde la formatos físico a la formato digital, incluso sus obstácles y las consideraciones para mantener un archivo.   

Systems Of Physical Defense (Sistemas de defensa física)


Documentation of Systems of Physical Defense

Multi-stage performance with audio installation component, 2012

During the London Olympics the hired guards were questioned about the URL to acquire tickets to the events via a microphone at a bridge leading into the complex. These exchanges were documented in video form and uploaded. The URL was printed and hung near the site of the exchange. During the exhibition opening, a battering ram was constructed for the period of three hours in front of an Olympic complex bridge entrance. Being assembled just outside of bridge where guards stood, just feet outside a metal fence crowned with barbed wire and standing about a moat, the local police were called to inspect. The inspection was utilized to discuss gentrification, international and national finances of the olympics, parties interested, gang relations, power structures and the police's own involvement in the olympics games--all of which was documented. The final stage of the work followed the relocation of the building materials away from the entrance and just beyond the purview of the guards, where sound recordings of the hammering of the wood were looped and amplified via megaphone.


Performace con audio, 2012

Imagined Bonds, Impossible Escape
(Vínculos imaginarios y escape imposible)



This collection of works imagines the collision of two theoretical zones: neuroscience's explanation of human bonds and astrophysicist's explanation of black holes. The moment of collision is seen through the visualization of bonds via models neurotransmitters and the visualization of mathematics via models of black holes extrapolated into imagining the extensions of both--emotions and love passing into an event horizon. Collection of art works, dimensions vary, 2013