Aluminum jon boat with additional fish-catching apparatus, wooden saw horses, 24 x 17 x 12 feet [7,3 x 5,2 x 3,6 m],  2015

Prototype #1 for catching sound-activated flying invasive Hypophthalmichthys molitrix.

The outboard motor scares the carp, causing them to leap from the water. Those which encounter the harp on the bow of the bow pound into the boat, turning the entire vessel into an acoustic device. The stake-studded protrusions present a wall of defense from the flying fish. This prototype is budgeted to be replicable for under $1,000 USD with components from the national chain Home Depot®. Lightweight and collapsible, prototype 1.2 is comprised primarily of aluminum. 

Anyone can download the instructions to make this vehicle here.