Lionfish are an invasive species that were introduced into Florida waters by people who bought them for their aquaria. In the last decade, this venomous fish has spread as far north as South Carolina and as far south as Brazil, ravaging the marine life of coral reefs.

On August 17, I’ll be competing in the South Florida Diving Headquarter’s annual Lionfish Derby. A group of concerned scuba divers will descend a hundred feet to remove lionfish.

This journey will be documented in picture and text. Your support will go to defray costs of travel, equipment, rentals and oxygen!


Lionfish Drawings

9 x 12 inches [22.86 x 30.48 cm], Chinese ink on paper, 2019

Set of 20, each edition of 1.


Pokemon Sculptures

7 inch [17.78 cm], plastic with lionfish venomous spines, 2019

Set of 9, edition of 1 and artist proof.