Day 6 Hit Him Where It Hurts #SaveAgainstTrump on Black Friday

The idea is simple: ethical Trump supporters were voting for economic change. We’re going to give it to them. Furthermore, we aim to foster the values that we believe in and must continue to support.

This Black Friday, I’m not going to buy ANYTHING. I will protest in front of shopping malls, Best Buys, Walmarts, and Apple stores–the most visited retailers on Black Friday–impeding traffic and consumerism. I will attempt to educate and inform shoppers of the negative impact of the Trump Presidency.

Black Friday is the largest spending day in the American consumer economy. $616,900,000,000 in one day. Almost ½ of the U.S. population buys. Clinton supporters account for about ¼ of the population. By refusing to buy, you too can sending a clear message: not my President, not my dollar. Statistically, Clinton supporters are more highly educated and have a greater buying power. This means we have more impact on the entire consumer economy. While everyone got one vote on election day, there is a disproportionate dollar-to- dollar power in this country, and it’s in our hands.

Our demands are simple. We will not buy anything on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday 2016 to initiate a clear message. The electoral college must vote for the popularly voted Hillary Clinton on December 19. 

(Given Trump’s appointment of Republican outsiders this is very unlikely.) 

Next: If Trump is voted for in as the next President in December, we will not buy anything during any of the Black Fridays or Cyber Mondays of his Presidency. This will have an enormous negative impact on the consumer economy and force his supporters to seek another candidate for 2020. 

The Senate will not be in session after the electoral college votes until January 11, 2017. If the Senate refuses to vote on Merrick Garland before January 20, Trump’s inauguration day, we reduce consumer spending everyday for four years OR redirect our spending toward charitable organizations and companies that support our ideals: Social Justice, Gender Equality, Racial Justice, Peaceful Protest and Global Citizenship.

We believe by reducing consumer habits we can foster a better country for our future. 

Our ethical austerity should be interpreted as this: Trump supporters threw out our civic and social values against misogyny, racism, threaten our civil rights for LGBT people by allowing a conservative government to first refuse to do their mandatory duty of by not voting on Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, and compromising our environment and future with the appointment of Myron Ebell, a climate change denier. In response, we divert their economic value toward our values. Furthermore, the American consumer economy funds other Trump initiatives, like military for an aggressive hate monger, federal prisons (stock in Corrections Corporation of America skyrocketed after his election) which will be housing immigrants who overstep their visas, as well as tax cuts for the very wealthy–who directly benefit from Black Friday spending.